A unique resource for university staff involved in assessment

The bioassess website is the result of a national project by the Centre for the Study of Higher Education (University of Melbourne), in partnership with leaders in teaching and learning in the biological sciences from The University of Sydney and The University of Melbourne.

Drawing upon the combined expertise of the project team and the experience of university staff and students across Australia, the bioassess website highlights contemporary issues and presents effective and innovative approaches to enhancing assessment in higher education. Throughout, the authors have applied a framework of recognised core principles of effective assessment. The bioassess site complements and builds upon the Assessing Learning in Australian Universities website, a previous project from the Centre for the Study of Higher Education widely recognised for its contribution to enhancing teaching and learning in higher education.

The bioassess website:

  • presents a comprehensive picture of assessment practice and learning priorities in the biological sciences;
  • incorporates specific examples drawn from undergraduate
    courses in a diverse array of life science disciplines;
  • provides strategies and tips to guide good practice in assessment; and
  • has a focus on the biological sciences, yet with wider application and
    topics of relevance to all disciplines.

Simply select any of the menu topics, or use the Search function to search the entire site. Assessment Types, Key Issues and Curriculum Matters are linked to specific Examples of Practice.